Saratoga Free Market

We will be closed November 16 - December 1 for maintenance and stock updates. We will not be taking any donations or fulfilling orders during that time. See you in December!

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The store is closed for maintenance

How Does This Website Work?

Follow these simple steps to get your free stuff:

1. Browse our website and find an item you like

2. Click on the item and look at the product description. Listed there is a location where your items will be left out for you so you can pick them up with no contact.

3. Place your order and schedule a date and time for pick up. Please note that orders must be placed 24 hours before pick up to allow processing.

4. You will be sent a confirmation email listing your items and their locations - please note that your order may be housed in multiple locations!

5. If you are unable to pick up items, or need other assistance, reach out to us at

NOTE:  Please wash or wipe down all items after pick up to help prevent the possible spread of Coronavirus.  All itmes are given as-is and as-pictured.

About Us

Saratoga DSA is the Saratoga NY branch of Democratic Socialists of America. We have been organizing in the region to support working people through electoral campaigns, labor organizing, and mutual aid projects since 2018.

The Saratoga Free Market is a reflection of our belief that those of us who have more than enough should be willing to share freely with those who need something. Through acts of sharing and kindness, we can help each other navigate the struggles that we face, and hopefully make life a little bit nicer and easier for each other along the way.